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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I Signed Up For My Trial And Don’t Know How To Get The Complete Health Scan Results. Can You Help?

    On the signup confirmation page 2 things are mentioned: (1) Reports can take up to an hour to be generated and (2) Reports are sent via email. You can click through from the email report to a more detailed report...Read more
  • Do You Have An Agency Plan Where I Can Register Multiple Websites?

    Currently we do not offer an agency or master account. If you would like to signup with more than one website you will have to sign them up as separate accounts. If you have 5 or more websites you would...Read more
  • How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

    To end your subscription to either a free trial or an established plan, please click on “My Account” in the upper corner of our website. From there you will be prompted to login if you aren’t already. Once logged in...Read more
  • How Do I Unsubscribe From Communications?

    If you would like to unsubscribe from all communications from our company and its affiliates/marketing partners, please send an email to "unsubscribe@" our domain name. The "from" email must match the domain of the website you would like to remove....Read more

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