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Welcome! We are a group of passionate webmasters and developers who have discovered after 40 collective years of website ownership across 25+ websites, that unintentional website issues consistently happen and lead to a lack of trust by users.

This project started after one of our tribe discovered a spelling mistake on the main landing page of their university website. We then dug a little further and saw actually the majority of university websites contained spelling mistakes. This is when we realized this was a much bigger problem.

People generally think that a website is a static digital brochure that presents information to users, and so long as they make sure the information is correct at the time of “printing” they are good to go. Websites are not static! The average web page is updated 4.3 times a year with new content or user flows which often introduce new unforeseen issues and spelling mistakes. 54% of English language websites contain spelling mistakes!

Our mission is simple- support fellow webmasters and website owners to provide a reliable and trustworthy experience for their users.

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24/7 Uptime Monitor

As a 24 hour locksmith, I rely on my website for generating business. Your service helps me keep it always available and working well. I’m actually surprised how often there is an issue with the site.

Tom R.

Malware Detection

Your service found malware running on my website! Thank you for your bundle of services – it keeps my site in tip-top condition.

Nancy M.

Spelling Issues

I never realized myself and staff were such terrible spellers. You guys catch a new embarrassing spelling mistake every couple of months. Our website is the primary interface with our customers so your service keeps us looking credible.

Kelly A.

Uptime Monitoring

I was very surprised by how frequently our website goes down. We switched to a new host after receiving many warnings from your service. Our site occasionally goes down now but we can instantly fix it.

Ryan S.

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